Thailand Honeymoon Resorts for a Memorable Holiday

Thailand Honeymoon Resorts
Thailand Honeymoon Resorts

For those who would love a honeymoon in the tropics, a good place to check are the Thailand honeymoon resorts. There are plenty across the country allowing guests to have an amazing Thailand honeymoon. There are so many interesting Thailand honeymoon packages that await the guests, mostly set on one of the country’s beautiful beaches. For those who are interested in checking in one of Koh Samui honeymoon resorts, a great choice would be Zazen Boutique Resort and Spa.

Thailand honeymoon resorts are known for their idyllic locations. Being near the beach is perfect for those who are dreaming of a quiet holiday. At Zazen Boutique Resort and Spa, the couple will be able to enjoy the warm weather of Thailand. Imagine getting a great amount of sunshine all throughout your stay and being able to get a gorgeous tan while looking out at the long stretch of beach. It’s an intimate kind of experience worthy of sharing with that special someone. As one of the top Koh Samui honeymoon resorts, here the newlyweds’ first holiday will be absolutely memorable.

The place is set in a peaceful location near the beach making it the perfect venue for a wedding and the honeymoon. As a boutique style resort, your Thailand honeymoon will be more intimate and be catered to your preferences. Featuring the clear waters of Bophut beach, this is a stunning home away from home—with a lush tropical landscape and island inspired accommodations. It is specifically designed to make couples remember their special wedding day and post wedding vacation.

For those who are craving for some seclusion, this is among the Thailand honeymoon resorts that offer amazing seclusion.

Its beachfront location is one of its many charming features, add the service of highly trained staffs and the naturally romantic air surrounding the place. The private beach access will make any holiday worth remembering.

The Spa

Thailand Honeymoon Packages
Thailand Honeymoon Packages

As one of the best Thailand honeymoon resorts, you can only expect the best when it comes to facilities. Among the best features of the place is the spa. Le Spa Zen provides guests with a chance to fully relax and unwind with their comprehensive menu of delightful body treatments. The use of all natural ingredients combined with the caring hands of the expert ensures that each spa ritual adds to a person’s sense of wellness. For newlyweds, the spa package for couples is among their best Thailand honeymoon packages. The spa package for couples is good for 6 days of pampering. There is no better treat you can give to yourself and your spouse than a relaxing pampering session that lasts for almost a week. This package is well worth every cent and will make you feel good inside and out. Get a foot rub—the perfect treat after a long day of sightseeing.

Wine Cellar

Because it is a top Thailand resort, Zazen Boutique Resort and Spa delivers some of the most in-demand romantic elements. Wine is forever linked to romance and a honeymoon won’t be complete without a celebratory drink. The resort boasts some of the world’s best wine collections. The wine cellar is a specially designed place to house some of the world’s most beloved wines.


It is essential that couples have plenty of options on how to spend their precious holiday. Aside from having impressive Thailand honeymoon packages, the property is known for its various recreational activities that couples will enjoy.

The place arranges tours and offers interesting activities such as Thai cooking lessons, yoga classes, tennis, and golf. Different island tours and adventure can also be arranged.

Couples who would love to see the rest of Koh Samui can take a romantic cruise. The island is perfection and is truly photo worthy. Spend a day outside and fish with the other guests or take a long stroll at the beach. Deep sea diving is a popular adventure in the island and the resort can happily arrange a deep sea diving adventure for you and your spouse.

koh samui honeymoon resorts
koh samui honeymoon resorts


When everything is said and done, what couples really need is a blissful haven in the middle of the tropics. At the Zazen Boutique Resort and Spa, they may be away from home, but they won’t miss home at all. The garden villa makes an ideal honeymoon haven. Openly designed and surrounded by dense greenery and allowing the great views of the beach to be seen, this can be your tropical retreat. Couples will be able to enjoy the fresh breeze anytime of the day and also be able to admire the wonderful scenic views, thanks to the open design. The resort’s Thailand honeymoon packages include luxury accommodations that will make your holiday more than a dream come true. Elegant furnishings, native crafts, and spacious rooms are only some of the things the couple can expect. They can enjoy plenty of privacy and be able to spend some quality time in a lush tropical island.


For those who would like to shop for some items, there’s a boutique onsite. This has some really interesting crafts and arts, souvenir items, books, postcards, travel CD’s and so much more. You can buy some stuff for your loved one or for your friends and family back home.

For those who are looking for Thailand honeymoon resorts, there are plenty of really good options. The key is to find a location that you like then check the resorts they have there. If you want to spend your vacation in Samui, Zazen Boutique Resort and Spa is among the most popular venues available. The property is spacious and has all the amenities and facilities you expect in a really nice hotel. Enjoy your honeymoon in Thailand! Check the country’s most popular island retreats and have an enviable vacation.