Spotting the Best Thailand Honeymoon Packages

Thailand Honeymoon Packages
Thailand Honeymoon Packages

A Thailand honeymoon makes a lot of sense because Thailand has one of the best tropical locations in the world and has the best vacation weather. If you are looking for romantic holiday packages for your first vacation with your spouse, there are plenty of Thailand honeymoon packages for you to choose from.

So, what should you look for in a romantic holiday packages to Thailand?


Any vacation is 90% about the location. This is very important as the honeymoon happens only once. It is a rare chapter in a couple’s life and so it is only natural that it be planned well and thoroughly. For those who are looking for a paradise like setting, a Koh Samui honeymoon is highly recommended. Koh Samui is a peaceful paradise like island that can make any Thailand honeymoon something to be remembered for a lifetime.

There are plenty of resorts and hotels offering really good Thailand honeymoon packages like Zazen Boutique Resort and Spa. Holiday packages to Thailand are considerably lower than in most places in the world. Even in Koh Samui that is dominated by elite resorts, you’ll easily snatch up a great deal for your after wedding vacation.

honeymoon packages thailand
honeymoon packages Thailand

Beach Access

Romantic holiday packages in Thailand are best spent near the beach to get the most of the whole tropical experience. The country’s weather is ideal for an all day fun at the beach.

This is the best place to show off a new bikini and bask in the luxurious feel of being in your own exotic paradise. Ideal for honeymooners is a beachfront location so they can enjoy the tranquil island waters and be able to take lazy strolls in the afternoon, when the sun is no longer so hot.

For those who can’t get enough of the beach, a Koh Samui honeymoon is certainly a good idea. The beaches in the island are incredibly beautiful and the scenery is breathtakingly good. You and your loved one will truly have a wonderful time together whether you’re are getting a tan at the shore or having an intimate meal near the beach. Koh Samui is a home to some of the country’s best beaches. There’s Bo Phut, Chaweng, and Lamai to name a few.

Honeymoon Accommodation

Of course, the core of honeymoon holiday packages to Thailand is the place to stay or the honeymoon nest. It is essential that the honeymoon suite or villa be as comfortable and as luxurious as possible because the event is mighty special. There are plenty of impressive villas in Thailand and some of them are part of Thailand honeymoon packages.

Opt for one with a great view and has its own pool so you can enjoy to the fullest no matter what time of day. Also, choose one that has plenty of space and has all the modern comforts you need for a great stay.

Remember: your honeymoon nest is the one you will remember the most after the wedding ceremony so make it luxurious and very modern.

The Property

While on a romantic vacation, it is important that the holiday packages to Thailand that you will consider are those that are in a quiet property.

Most wedding resorts in Thailand boast well maintained gardens and nice island gazebos so a couple won’t have a hard time relaxing and having fun. Great scenery and picture perfect views are important elements of romance. It would be nice to spend your first vacation as a married couple in some place really intimate and has lots of privacy. A not so crowded resort is ideal.

Recreational Activities

romantic holiday packages
romantic holiday packages

While couples need to be really close to each other during the honeymoon, it doesn’t mean that they’d have to lock themselves in their suite all throughout their stay.

While that sounds great too, most couples would want to go out and enjoy the warm weather and the lush scenery outdoors. Some of the best holiday packages to Thailand are packed with plenty of things that the couple can do while on a holiday.

Choose a package that reflects your preferences. If you are the adventurous type, find a package that has safari tours, elephant rides, snorkeling sessions, etc. If you are an indulgent couple, find one that involves plenty of fine wine and dine offers. If you are a sensualist couple, opt for a honeymoon package that has lots of spa sessions.

You and your loved one won’t be able to say no to that. You’d have a better sense of wellness too all throughout your stay. Couples may also like to go leisure fishing or ride a boat and have a tour, while enjoying the water breeze. This is a great chance for the couple to enjoy ultimate privacy. Another good idea for a memorable honeymoon is to restaurant hop in Thailand.

Try some of the spicy soups, fresh salads, and desserts made from exotic tropical ingredients such as mangoes and coconut.

When it comes to giving the best Thailand honeymoon packages, Zazen Boutique Resort and Spa is a place you definitely must consider. This is among the most popular resorts in Koh Samui and is synonymous with luxury, comfort, and style. This is an idyllic place to spend some time with each other and be able to have some bonding moments that you will remember for a lifetime. Remember: your honeymoon only happens once, so make it really good and unforgettable.