Romantic Thailand Honeymoon

This is the couple’s first journey together as a married couple and should be romantic, intimate, and a way to discover more about each other. Romantic holidays come in many forms. For those who love the beach, a Thailand honeymoon is a dream. A honeymoon in Thailand is known to be blissful and memorable as it is indeed a wonderful place with an amicable weather, lots of warm people, great culture, and plenty of tropical beaches.

Here are some romantic Thailand honeymoon ideas.

1. Stay in a luxury resort.

Romantic Thailand Honeymoon
Romantic Thailand Honeymoon

For those who want to indulge and just relax all throughout their stay, a Koh Samui honeymoon is recommended. Koh Samui is such a beautiful island and is rich in turquoise beaches bordered with white sand. The island is a home to some of the most luxurious properties in the country. Some wedding resorts also work as perfect venues for a honeymoon in Thailand. Thailand honeymoon resorts like the Zazen Boutique Resort and Spa are designed specifically for romantic getaways. The ambience is usually very tranquil and peaceful to allow the guests to appreciate the beauty of nature and enjoy the simple joys of being together in an idyllic island paradise.

A Koh Samui honeymoon is bound to be good when spent in a luxurious resort because the couple won’t have anything to worry about. Modern amenities are usually provided by luxury properties. In addition, couples will be able to bask in luxurious surroundings and admire amazing tropical scenery.

2. Spend as much time at the beach.

The kind of honeymoon Thailand has to offer involves being at the beach. The country is blessed with so many delightful beaches. If you are planning on having a Thailand honeymoon, one of the beachfront Thailand honeymoon resorts is a must try. There is nothing more romantic than being near water, with the sand on your feet while the tropical air blows your hair. It is simply romantic. Some of the most peaceful beaches are in Koh Samui. So if you want to have the best beach experience and be able to get a good dose of sunshine, consider a Koh Samui honeymoon.

3. Indulge in local cuisines.

Another great idea as to how a couple can spend their Thailand honeymoon is to get to know the local specialties. Thai food has a distinct taste and is a tease to the palate. There’s yummy Pad Thai—which is a noodle based dished with ground peanuts, tofu, and bean sprouts. There’s also the spicy papaya salad called Som Tam. Tom Kha Gai is considered to be a refreshing yet exotic tasting soup, made interesting with the sharp tang of lemongrass and the warmth of coconut milk. Chicken lovers will certainly love Khao Man Gai, which is basically chicken and rice—a filling meal that is tasty and hard to forget. To end the meal nicely, the couple can opt for a variety of sweets. Try the mango sorbet and the coconut cake. Romantic holidays should always involve great food. A honeymoon in Thailand will be more memorable with abundance of Thai cuisines.

4. Head to the spa.

Koh Samui Spa
Koh Samui Spa

The wedding is a lot of fun but also is very physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding. It is a big event and so your Thailand honeymoon should be meant to be relaxing and soothing.

Almost every honeymoon Thailand is famous for involves a spa treatment, which is great to allow the newlyweds to let go of their stresses and allow the body to be ready for a great romantic holiday. Most wedding and honeymoon resorts in the country have their own spa.

Local spa treatments use only natural exotic ingredients such as coconut oil, sugar crystals, coffee grounds, and aromatic essential oils of lavender, ginger, and rose. Try some couple’s packages so you and your loved one can enjoy a pampering ritual together. Get a traditional Thai massage to reduce the pain of sore muscles and improve circulation. If you love to meditate, you can take part in a yoga session.

5. Go on a luxury cruise.

For the ultimate honeymoon Thailand has to offer, why not book for a cruise? Most resorts will be willing to arrange a cruise for you and your beloved. This is the best way to get to know the country’s various islands and be able to admire the natural beauty of the place. A cruise is a refreshing activity and represents fun, intimacy, and luxurious living. Make your first holiday as a married couple even more special by getting on a cruise.

6. Snorkel.

A honeymoon is sharing something different and discovering new things. Thailand has plenty of marine species that are worth seeing. Go snorkeling and be able to witness the rich marine life of Thailand first hand. It is an experience unlike any other and is something you should not miss.

7. Go on a safari tour.

For the outdoorsy couple, a jungle safari tour is highly recommended. Ride an elephant, visit the rugged parts of Thailand and admire the beauty of the lush tropics. This is something that will make your honeymoon an even more rewarding experience.

8. Have dinner by candlelight.

Sounds cheesy? A dinner by candlelight is something a newlywed couple will surely enjoy. Have delicious seafood grills and yummy barbecue while watching the sunset. This is a nice way to enjoy great food and indulge the senses with various sensations.

Thailand honeymoon is something you can give yourself and your loved one. Everyone deserves a nice post wedding vacation. In Thailand, you will never run out of exciting this to do. This is a blissful paradise and is one of the must see places in Asia. If you love the beach, can’t get enough exotic food, and want to try some new things, this is the place to visit. Check out the local offers to get the most of your stay.