Guide to Koh Samui Wedding Packages

Koh Samui Wedding Packages
Koh Samui Wedding Packages

Koh Samui weddings are often held near the beach, with the cloudless tropical sky, the aquamarine water, and fine powdery sand as backdrop. If the you are a foreigner couple wanting to get married in Thailand, chances are you are pretty overwhelmed with the selection of Koh Samui wedding packages and venues. To be able to help you plan your dream wedding, here are some helpful tips and hints on finding the best Koh Samui wedding venues and packages you can choose from.

Get a wedding planner

This is very important especially if you live in a different country and won’t have much time to take care of everything first hand. A wedding planner, preferably a native to Koh Samui, is knowledgeable about every aspect of planning a wedding. Since your marriage ceremony is among the highlights of your life as a couple, it needs to be carefully laid out. It’s nice to think that you can do everything by yourself, but it never hurts to get a helping hand, particularly if you have a very short time to execute everything.

Get a wedding planning with plenty of experience as they know more about which Koh Samui wedding packages will work for you.

Research some Koh Samui wedding venues online

For foreigners who are interested in tying the knot in Samui but don’t have the time for a pre-visit, they can scout for venues online. Most prominent resorts on the island have their own website that has photos of the wedding venue and a list of their Koh Samui wedding packages. Researching online and asking for quotes give you an idea about what to expect. When there are pictures and you get to see the a particular resort’s deals and offers, ideas will flow and will make planning for your wedding more convenient for you and your beloved.

Ask friends who got married in Koh Samui

If you decided to get married on the island, you got the idea somewhere—maybe from friends or a colleague who also tied the knot there. Asked them for suggestions, most friends will be very glad to help and will give you some grain of wisdom you can use while planning for your own wedding.

Schedule a visit on the island

Koh samui wedding venues
Koh samui wedding venues

If you’ve just been recently engaged and are looking at the possibility in getting married in Koh Samui Thailand, why not schedule a trip and book a stay in one of its prominent resorts. While on vacation, you can have a grasp of the place’s ambience. You can also look at some Koh Samui wedding packages that they have. You don’t have to commit to anything instantly if you still have plenty of time but it also won’t hurt to look bit by bit.

Visualize your dream wedding

There’s a saying that “If you can’t get there in your mind, you can’t get there.” So once you decide to get married, make it a habit to visualize your big day and write every detail that matters to you—from the flowers to the cake to the food—write all of them down. This is a kind of brainstorming which may sound foolish, but you’ll be grateful later that you did it. Koh Samui weddings offer a lot of possibilities, so take advantage of those.

Choose what type of wedding you will have

Among the things that are different in Koh Samui is that you can choose to have a European theme wedding—-with a conventional ceremony or a Buddhist wedding, similar to the usual island style of tying the knot. Most foreigners opt for a Western style wedding as it is more familiar and more inclined to their native culture. However, there are also those who would want to experience a traditional Thai wedding and learn more about the island culture. You can choose to have that too, if you prefer as there are plenty of Koh Samui wedding packages that include both.

Consider your budget

Like most big events, planning for a wedding will involve a great deal of expense. Before you scout for wedding venues and packages, it is a wise idea to set a price range that you and your loved can agree to. A set budget can make choosing a venue a lot easier and will be your guide so as not to go overboard. It’s not something that you have to worry too much about though as Koh Samui is known worldwide for its reasonably priced weddings.

If you want to save on your wedding expenses,
Koh Samui is more than perfect as a destination.

Don’t forget to include the honeymoon

Koh Samui is a wonderful honeymoon destination as well. So while planning for the wedding and selecting wedding venues, make sure to include the honeymoon as well. Preferably the wedding venue that you’ll choose will be intimate and secluded enough for a memorable honeymoon so you can just relax with your loved one after the wedding ceremony and reception. Most wedding resorts such as the Zazen Boutique Resort and Spa are suited for a blissful post wedding holiday as well. You can choose flexible venues that are spacious for the wedding ceremony and at the same time romantic and intimate for the honeymoon.

Planning a dream wedding can be made easier by making wise decisions regarding the Koh Samui wedding packages you will select from. The island has an abundance of naturally beautiful turquoise beaches and amazing wedding resort that can make your big day even more special. Take a pick of some of the island’s most popular venues and make sure to include some of the island’s interesting dishes on your wedding reception menu. You and your guests will surely enjoy them for sure. Enjoy tying the knot in Thailand.