Weddings in Thailand: Buddhist Weddings


Wedding in Thailand
Wedding in Thailand

As a reflection of the country’s culture, Thailand weddings are filled amazing traditions. During the ceremony, the couples and the guests will see years of cultural heritage take place. It is something that the couples will remember for always.

Thailand weddings are known to be colorful and full of details and symbolisms. If the couple is interested to have a Buddhist wedding, they can do so in Koh Samui. The couples don’t have to be Buddhist to have a traditional wedding, which is great for couples who are part of another congregation or religion.

Here are some reasons why a Buddhist style wedding is popular even among foreigner couples.

The weddings are more elaborate.

Being in the island is a rare chance to immerse yourself in the traditions of Thai people. Their culture is very rich and this can be seen in how elaborate and colorful their beach weddings ceremonie are. Most Thai weddings involve an elephant ride, a tree planting ceremony, blessings of the monks, and so much more. If you are interested in weddings in Thailand and would want to experience something new, then consider a Thai style wedding.

You can have a Buddhist wedding at a reasonable price.

Getting married in Thailand is far cheaper than anywhere in the world, which is why more and more engaged couples go here to tie the knot. A Buddhist wedding will not involve so much money and is an experience you can treasure for a lifetime.

You get the monks’ blessings.

How sweet will that be? As a couple, you need all the blessings that you can get to have a married life. The Buddhists are known to place good emphasis on happiness and long marriage. Now, that’s something you’d want to have wished for you or your big day.

You won’t need a separate venue.

The good thing about Koh Samui wedding resorts is that they make it easy and hassle free to get married. Most venues offer both a Western style and a Buddhist style ceremony in one package and in one venue.

You get to be one with the locals.

Having an island inspired wedding does not happen to anyone everyday. It is a unique opportunity to try something new and enriching. Couples grow by trying something out of their comfort zone together. Make your wedding an event that you and your guests will talk about for years.

Weddings in Thailand are reputed to be romantic, affordable, and memorable. Choose among the many beautiful venues available for a blissful wedding in Thailand. In the country, you won’t have to spend a lot of many in order to celebrate your union as a couple. Here, you can have the wedding of your dreams and your perfect honeymoon as well.

Traditional Thailand Weddings

Thailand Weddings
Thailand Weddings

They say that beach weddings are very romantic and are a dream of most couples. One of the best things about Koh Samui weddings is that aside from a Western style marital ceremony, which some couples opt to have, they can also decide to have one of those traditional Thailand weddings. This is a good way to experience the island’s rich culture and be able to share a colorful wedding ceremony with your loved one and guests. Here are some of the highlights of Buddhist style beach weddings.

Blessings of the Monk

The couples don’t have to be Buddhist to be able to have a traditional Buddhist wedding. Usually, couples opt for a double ceremony—to have the best of both worlds. Among the most important part of the ceremony is the blessing. The monks will chant prayers and place a lighted candle in a bowl of water. The water will be used to bless the bride and the groom. Aside from the water, a white paste will be used to anoint the forehead of the couples. The latter part involves giving food to the monks and allowing them to eat by themselves. After the meal, the monks will resume chanting and the senior monk will bless everyone with the sacred water. Donations will be given to the monks before they go back to the temple.

Khan Maak Procession

weddings in Thailand
weddings in Thailand

Thailand weddings are intertwined with their culture and the Khan Maak Procession is testament to that. This is when the groom’s family with a set of entourage will proceed to the bride’s home. When they reach the home of the bride, symbolic doors will be used to block their entry. During the earlier times, the Khan Maak Procession is the event where both families discuss about the dowry so an engagement can proceed. Now, this is done on the day of the wedding itself, with slightly altered rules to keep up with the modern times.

Rod Nam Sang

The Shell Ceremony or the so called Rod Nam Sang is also an important part of the event. This is when a conch shell or ‘sang’ is filled with water and will be used to pour on the hands of the couple. Aside from pouring of the water, the guest will also present a gift, to help the couples start they life together. The kind of gift given will depend on the giver’s social status and usually is in the form of money. In return, the couples will give the guest a token to remind the guest of the wedding.

Sai Sin

This is where families and well wishers place a white string on the wrists of the couple as a sign of good luck. The strings are to be worn for three days to benefit from the good luck.

Thailand weddings are among the most enriching marital celebrations in the world. In Koh Samui, you can experience it too. If you are interested to learn more about weddings in Thailand, please read this article