Romantic Thailand Honeymoon

This is the couple’s first journey together as a married couple and should be romantic, intimate, and a way to discover more about each other. Romantic holidays come in many forms. For those who love the beach, a Thailand honeymoon is a dream. A honeymoon in Thailand is known to be blissful and memorable as it is indeed a wonderful place with an amicable weather, lots of warm people, great culture, and plenty of tropical beaches.

Here are some romantic Thailand honeymoon ideas.

1. Stay in a luxury resort.

Romantic Thailand Honeymoon
Romantic Thailand Honeymoon

For those who want to indulge and just relax all throughout their stay, a Koh Samui honeymoon is recommended. Koh Samui is such a beautiful island and is rich in turquoise beaches bordered with white sand. The island is a home to some of the most luxurious properties in the country. Some wedding resorts also work as perfect venues for a honeymoon in Thailand. Thailand honeymoon resorts like the Zazen Boutique Resort and Spa are designed specifically for romantic getaways. The ambience is usually very tranquil and peaceful to allow the guests to appreciate the beauty of nature and enjoy the simple joys of being together in an idyllic island paradise.

A Koh Samui honeymoon is bound to be good when spent in a luxurious resort because the couple won’t have anything to worry about. Modern amenities are usually provided by luxury properties. In addition, couples will be able to bask in luxurious surroundings and admire amazing tropical scenery.

2. Spend as much time at the beach.

The kind of honeymoon Thailand has to offer involves being at the beach. The country is blessed with so many delightful beaches. If you are planning on having a Thailand honeymoon, one of the beachfront Thailand honeymoon resorts is a must try. There is nothing more romantic than being near water, with the sand on your feet while the tropical air blows your hair. It is simply romantic. Some of the most peaceful beaches are in Koh Samui. So if you want to have the best beach experience and be able to get a good dose of sunshine, consider a Koh Samui honeymoon.

3. Indulge in local cuisines.

Another great idea as to how a couple can spend their Thailand honeymoon is to get to know the local specialties. Thai food has a distinct taste and is a tease to the palate. There’s yummy Pad Thai—which is a noodle based dished with ground peanuts, tofu, and bean sprouts. There’s also the spicy papaya salad called Som Tam. Tom Kha Gai is considered to be a refreshing yet exotic tasting soup, made interesting with the sharp tang of lemongrass and the warmth of coconut milk. Chicken lovers will certainly love Khao Man Gai, which is basically chicken and rice—a filling meal that is tasty and hard to forget. To end the meal nicely, the couple can opt for a variety of sweets. Try the mango sorbet and the coconut cake. Romantic holidays should always involve great food. A honeymoon in Thailand will be more memorable with abundance of Thai cuisines.

4. Head to the spa.

Koh Samui Spa
Koh Samui Spa

The wedding is a lot of fun but also is very physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding. It is a big event and so your Thailand honeymoon should be meant to be relaxing and soothing.

Almost every honeymoon Thailand is famous for involves a spa treatment, which is great to allow the newlyweds to let go of their stresses and allow the body to be ready for a great romantic holiday. Most wedding and honeymoon resorts in the country have their own spa.

Local spa treatments use only natural exotic ingredients such as coconut oil, sugar crystals, coffee grounds, and aromatic essential oils of lavender, ginger, and rose. Try some couple’s packages so you and your loved one can enjoy a pampering ritual together. Get a traditional Thai massage to reduce the pain of sore muscles and improve circulation. If you love to meditate, you can take part in a yoga session.

5. Go on a luxury cruise.

For the ultimate honeymoon Thailand has to offer, why not book for a cruise? Most resorts will be willing to arrange a cruise for you and your beloved. This is the best way to get to know the country’s various islands and be able to admire the natural beauty of the place. A cruise is a refreshing activity and represents fun, intimacy, and luxurious living. Make your first holiday as a married couple even more special by getting on a cruise.

6. Snorkel.

A honeymoon is sharing something different and discovering new things. Thailand has plenty of marine species that are worth seeing. Go snorkeling and be able to witness the rich marine life of Thailand first hand. It is an experience unlike any other and is something you should not miss.

7. Go on a safari tour.

For the outdoorsy couple, a jungle safari tour is highly recommended. Ride an elephant, visit the rugged parts of Thailand and admire the beauty of the lush tropics. This is something that will make your honeymoon an even more rewarding experience.

8. Have dinner by candlelight.

Sounds cheesy? A dinner by candlelight is something a newlywed couple will surely enjoy. Have delicious seafood grills and yummy barbecue while watching the sunset. This is a nice way to enjoy great food and indulge the senses with various sensations.

Thailand honeymoon is something you can give yourself and your loved one. Everyone deserves a nice post wedding vacation. In Thailand, you will never run out of exciting this to do. This is a blissful paradise and is one of the must see places in Asia. If you love the beach, can’t get enough exotic food, and want to try some new things, this is the place to visit. Check out the local offers to get the most of your stay.

Spotting the Best Thailand Honeymoon Packages

Thailand Honeymoon Packages
Thailand Honeymoon Packages

A Thailand honeymoon makes a lot of sense because Thailand has one of the best tropical locations in the world and has the best vacation weather. If you are looking for romantic holiday packages for your first vacation with your spouse, there are plenty of Thailand honeymoon packages for you to choose from.

So, what should you look for in a romantic holiday packages to Thailand?


Any vacation is 90% about the location. This is very important as the honeymoon happens only once. It is a rare chapter in a couple’s life and so it is only natural that it be planned well and thoroughly. For those who are looking for a paradise like setting, a Koh Samui honeymoon is highly recommended. Koh Samui is a peaceful paradise like island that can make any Thailand honeymoon something to be remembered for a lifetime.

There are plenty of resorts and hotels offering really good Thailand honeymoon packages like Zazen Boutique Resort and Spa. Holiday packages to Thailand are considerably lower than in most places in the world. Even in Koh Samui that is dominated by elite resorts, you’ll easily snatch up a great deal for your after wedding vacation.

honeymoon packages thailand
honeymoon packages Thailand

Beach Access

Romantic holiday packages in Thailand are best spent near the beach to get the most of the whole tropical experience. The country’s weather is ideal for an all day fun at the beach.

This is the best place to show off a new bikini and bask in the luxurious feel of being in your own exotic paradise. Ideal for honeymooners is a beachfront location so they can enjoy the tranquil island waters and be able to take lazy strolls in the afternoon, when the sun is no longer so hot.

For those who can’t get enough of the beach, a Koh Samui honeymoon is certainly a good idea. The beaches in the island are incredibly beautiful and the scenery is breathtakingly good. You and your loved one will truly have a wonderful time together whether you’re are getting a tan at the shore or having an intimate meal near the beach. Koh Samui is a home to some of the country’s best beaches. There’s Bo Phut, Chaweng, and Lamai to name a few.

Honeymoon Accommodation

Of course, the core of honeymoon holiday packages to Thailand is the place to stay or the honeymoon nest. It is essential that the honeymoon suite or villa be as comfortable and as luxurious as possible because the event is mighty special. There are plenty of impressive villas in Thailand and some of them are part of Thailand honeymoon packages.

Opt for one with a great view and has its own pool so you can enjoy to the fullest no matter what time of day. Also, choose one that has plenty of space and has all the modern comforts you need for a great stay.

Remember: your honeymoon nest is the one you will remember the most after the wedding ceremony so make it luxurious and very modern.

The Property

While on a romantic vacation, it is important that the holiday packages to Thailand that you will consider are those that are in a quiet property.

Most wedding resorts in Thailand boast well maintained gardens and nice island gazebos so a couple won’t have a hard time relaxing and having fun. Great scenery and picture perfect views are important elements of romance. It would be nice to spend your first vacation as a married couple in some place really intimate and has lots of privacy. A not so crowded resort is ideal.

Recreational Activities

romantic holiday packages
romantic holiday packages

While couples need to be really close to each other during the honeymoon, it doesn’t mean that they’d have to lock themselves in their suite all throughout their stay.

While that sounds great too, most couples would want to go out and enjoy the warm weather and the lush scenery outdoors. Some of the best holiday packages to Thailand are packed with plenty of things that the couple can do while on a holiday.

Choose a package that reflects your preferences. If you are the adventurous type, find a package that has safari tours, elephant rides, snorkeling sessions, etc. If you are an indulgent couple, find one that involves plenty of fine wine and dine offers. If you are a sensualist couple, opt for a honeymoon package that has lots of spa sessions.

You and your loved one won’t be able to say no to that. You’d have a better sense of wellness too all throughout your stay. Couples may also like to go leisure fishing or ride a boat and have a tour, while enjoying the water breeze. This is a great chance for the couple to enjoy ultimate privacy. Another good idea for a memorable honeymoon is to restaurant hop in Thailand.

Try some of the spicy soups, fresh salads, and desserts made from exotic tropical ingredients such as mangoes and coconut.

When it comes to giving the best Thailand honeymoon packages, Zazen Boutique Resort and Spa is a place you definitely must consider. This is among the most popular resorts in Koh Samui and is synonymous with luxury, comfort, and style. This is an idyllic place to spend some time with each other and be able to have some bonding moments that you will remember for a lifetime. Remember: your honeymoon only happens once, so make it really good and unforgettable.

A Memorable Koh Samui Honeymoon

koh samui honeymoon
koh samui honeymoon

Because of its amazing tropical atmosphere, couples often go here for a Koh Samui honeymoon. The island is among the best romantic holiday destinations in Asia and is also the leading wedding venue for those wanting a beach wedding ceremony. Samui has so much to offer in terms of sightseeing and is a home to some of the country’s most luxurious resorts and beach retreats.

A Thailand honeymoon spent in Koh Samui is known to be fun, intimate, and filled with romantic air. Looking for a venue for a post wedding celebration should not be difficult as various resorts surround the place—-from middle priced venues to ultra luxurious properties. A no-fail place where you can spend your most awaited wedding night is Zazen Boutique Resort and Spa. This among the finest wedding resorts in Koh Samui and is an ideal haven for newlyweds.

Bo Phut Beach at its finest

Among the best features of this Koh Samui honeymoon location is the beach access. The beach is a tropical wonder—with turquoise waters and white sand, cloudless sky, and swaying coconut trees that create a fascinating romantic scenery. Romantic holidays become more special when you have a tropical backdrop. The resort is set in a beautiful and peaceful location, allowing the newlyweds some much needed privacy and seclusion.

The place is accessible—just a kilometer away from the airport and also a kilometer away from the city proper. Beautiful during the day and mystical during the evening, the beach will add magic to your wedding night. You and your loved one can savor being near water, getting a fabulous tan, and just breathing in some fresh air. The resort is an award winning property and is an island pride.

Thailand Honeymoon
Thailand Honeymoon

All-in honeymoon package

Zazen Boutique Resort and Spa is primarily a wedding resort that also takes pride in its Koh Samui honeymoon package. As one of Asia’s leading romantic holiday destinations, Koh Samui is the ideal place for a post wedding vacation and this resort is a great option if you are looking for possible venues. Their Thailand honeymoon package is made to impress and is packed with features and perks you can’t possibly say no to. You and your loved one will only get the best treatment possible.

The special offer is good all year round and includes luxurious accommodations for three nights. Guests can choose among the beach bungalow, garden villa, or the garden bungalow.

A special flower arrangement will greet the newlyweds upon arrival as well as a bottle of fine champagne that the
lovers can enjoy to celebrate their wedding night.

There is also a romantic candle light dinner for two in one of Zazen’s most amazing restaurants. The couple can also indulge in a relaxing massage session for two at the onsite spa.

A filling complimentary breakfast is also included. There’s also a floral turndown service, which is really great.

Fun couple activities

romantic holidays
romantic holidays

At the resort, couples are able to enjoy being with each other and sharing unforgettable adventures. They can go on a luxury cruise and be able to discover the beauty and natural abundance of Koh Samui. There is something totally amazing about being out on the sea in such a gorgeous water vessel with just you and your spouse. Share picture perfect moments near the beach or join the meditation sessions happening at the resort.

Yoga cleanses the mind and gives couples a chance to soothe their stress so they can enjoy their alone time even more. Deep sea diving is another popular idea for a cool Koh Samui honeymoon. The marine life of the island is impressive—with a variety of colorful species that are exclusive to the island. Deep sea diving can be arranged by the resort, so if you and your spouse would like to see the sea world, you can do so. Thai cooking sessions are also a hit among newlyweds. Food is linked to romance and what better way to enjoy each other’s company than with great tasting dishes you made yourself?

Aside from the things mentioned above, newlyweds can also visit one of Samui’s surrounding islands—Koh Phangan. This can be done by riding a catamaran—a rugged way to explore the sea in wild abandon, which is particularly refreshing of the couples are used to the busy city life and rarely have the time for a good break.

At the end of the day, the newlyweds can head to the spa for some luxurious pampering. With the use of aromatic ingredients that soothe stress and nourish the skin, all your worries will be a thing of the past.

Great food

Zazen Restaurant Samui
Zazen Restaurant Samui

The best vacations involve the best foods and when it comes to romantic holidays, the same holds true. Guests will certainly love the many wonderful dishes they can try at the resort. With meals carefully prepared by a well trained chef, all your meals will surely be a tasty treat. For some entertainment, there’s a mesmerizing Thai dance for the guests. Among the best tasting dishes that guests should not miss out on is the king tiger prawns in tamarind sauce.

There’s also the pomelo and minced pork salad. Other favorites are the deep sea prawns flavored with butter and other spices. Tuna and sea scallops are also very popular among guests. Le Salon de Ti serves mouthwatering desserts and pastries that are a must try. For tea lovers, the Dilmah Tea Bar is a good stop. This showcases more than twenty varieties of fine Sri Lankan tea that are perfect for all kinds of preferences.

Koh Samui honeymoon is certainly one of the best ways to celebrate your marriage. Koh Samui is making noise because of its exotic beauty and crystal clear waters. Plan your honeymoon well and make its special as much as you can. Enjoy your Thailand vacation and best wishes.

Thailand Honeymoon Resorts for a Memorable Holiday

Thailand Honeymoon Resorts
Thailand Honeymoon Resorts

For those who would love a honeymoon in the tropics, a good place to check are the Thailand honeymoon resorts. There are plenty across the country allowing guests to have an amazing Thailand honeymoon. There are so many interesting Thailand honeymoon packages that await the guests, mostly set on one of the country’s beautiful beaches. For those who are interested in checking in one of Koh Samui honeymoon resorts, a great choice would be Zazen Boutique Resort and Spa.

Thailand honeymoon resorts are known for their idyllic locations. Being near the beach is perfect for those who are dreaming of a quiet holiday. At Zazen Boutique Resort and Spa, the couple will be able to enjoy the warm weather of Thailand. Imagine getting a great amount of sunshine all throughout your stay and being able to get a gorgeous tan while looking out at the long stretch of beach. It’s an intimate kind of experience worthy of sharing with that special someone. As one of the top Koh Samui honeymoon resorts, here the newlyweds’ first holiday will be absolutely memorable.

The place is set in a peaceful location near the beach making it the perfect venue for a wedding and the honeymoon. As a boutique style resort, your Thailand honeymoon will be more intimate and be catered to your preferences. Featuring the clear waters of Bophut beach, this is a stunning home away from home—with a lush tropical landscape and island inspired accommodations. It is specifically designed to make couples remember their special wedding day and post wedding vacation.

For those who are craving for some seclusion, this is among the Thailand honeymoon resorts that offer amazing seclusion.

Its beachfront location is one of its many charming features, add the service of highly trained staffs and the naturally romantic air surrounding the place. The private beach access will make any holiday worth remembering.

The Spa

Thailand Honeymoon Packages
Thailand Honeymoon Packages

As one of the best Thailand honeymoon resorts, you can only expect the best when it comes to facilities. Among the best features of the place is the spa. Le Spa Zen provides guests with a chance to fully relax and unwind with their comprehensive menu of delightful body treatments. The use of all natural ingredients combined with the caring hands of the expert ensures that each spa ritual adds to a person’s sense of wellness. For newlyweds, the spa package for couples is among their best Thailand honeymoon packages. The spa package for couples is good for 6 days of pampering. There is no better treat you can give to yourself and your spouse than a relaxing pampering session that lasts for almost a week. This package is well worth every cent and will make you feel good inside and out. Get a foot rub—the perfect treat after a long day of sightseeing.

Wine Cellar

Because it is a top Thailand resort, Zazen Boutique Resort and Spa delivers some of the most in-demand romantic elements. Wine is forever linked to romance and a honeymoon won’t be complete without a celebratory drink. The resort boasts some of the world’s best wine collections. The wine cellar is a specially designed place to house some of the world’s most beloved wines.


It is essential that couples have plenty of options on how to spend their precious holiday. Aside from having impressive Thailand honeymoon packages, the property is known for its various recreational activities that couples will enjoy.

The place arranges tours and offers interesting activities such as Thai cooking lessons, yoga classes, tennis, and golf. Different island tours and adventure can also be arranged.

Couples who would love to see the rest of Koh Samui can take a romantic cruise. The island is perfection and is truly photo worthy. Spend a day outside and fish with the other guests or take a long stroll at the beach. Deep sea diving is a popular adventure in the island and the resort can happily arrange a deep sea diving adventure for you and your spouse.

koh samui honeymoon resorts
koh samui honeymoon resorts


When everything is said and done, what couples really need is a blissful haven in the middle of the tropics. At the Zazen Boutique Resort and Spa, they may be away from home, but they won’t miss home at all. The garden villa makes an ideal honeymoon haven. Openly designed and surrounded by dense greenery and allowing the great views of the beach to be seen, this can be your tropical retreat. Couples will be able to enjoy the fresh breeze anytime of the day and also be able to admire the wonderful scenic views, thanks to the open design. The resort’s Thailand honeymoon packages include luxury accommodations that will make your holiday more than a dream come true. Elegant furnishings, native crafts, and spacious rooms are only some of the things the couple can expect. They can enjoy plenty of privacy and be able to spend some quality time in a lush tropical island.


For those who would like to shop for some items, there’s a boutique onsite. This has some really interesting crafts and arts, souvenir items, books, postcards, travel CD’s and so much more. You can buy some stuff for your loved one or for your friends and family back home.

For those who are looking for Thailand honeymoon resorts, there are plenty of really good options. The key is to find a location that you like then check the resorts they have there. If you want to spend your vacation in Samui, Zazen Boutique Resort and Spa is among the most popular venues available. The property is spacious and has all the amenities and facilities you expect in a really nice hotel. Enjoy your honeymoon in Thailand! Check the country’s most popular island retreats and have an enviable vacation.