Choosing among Koh Samui Wedding Venues

koh samui wedding venues
koh samui wedding venues

It is enough to say that the venue is very crucial. It can make or break the wedding. Koh Samui weddings usually happen at the beach. The island is surrounded with bright tropical waters that will make the ideal backdrop for such a big event. In choosing among Koh Samui wedding venues, it would help to ask these questions.

What would be the budget?

While Koh Samui weddings are known to be the cheapest in the world, the budget is still the main consideration in choosing for a wedding venue. So ask yourself. How much would you be willing to spend? A good guiding rule is to set a price range. Remember, your wedding is just the beginning of your married life and your life afterwards should also be planned in due time. A good price range will definitely make the selection easier and guide you better in choosing among wedding venues Koh Samui has to offer.

How big is the wedding?

Another consideration in choosing possible Koh Samui wedding venues is the size of the wedding. If what you have in mind is an intimate gathering, you have plenty of options as most hotels and resorts in the island have function areas that can accommodate different kinds of celebrations. If your dream wedding involves a big number of guests, then choosing among wedding venues Koh Samui has could be a bit more complicated. You should not worry though as the island has several spacious wedding resorts that are ready for a big wedding.

Where would you want to spend your honeymoon?

Koh Samui is a romantic destination, so not only is it meant for weddings, it is twice as suited for an idyllic honeymoon as well. You may opt for another location for your honeymoon apart from the wedding venue—it’s your choice. Some couples prefer that so they can have more privacy. Ideally though, the place for the wedding and the honeymoon is the same, this way you and your loved one won’t need to travel far after a full day of merriment.

There are so many amazing wedding resorts that could give you a heavenly wedding venue and a private and secluded honeymoon venue in one.

Convenience for the Guest

wedding venues koh samui
wedding venues koh samui

Another important factor you should consider when thinking about Koh Samui wedding venues is the convenience for the guests. While you would want a secluded location for the most private wedding, it may not be practical, especially if your guests will be coming from different countries. A good compromise would be to choose a stunning beach that can be accessed easily. Good Koh Samui venues do not necessarily mean having to jump through hoops. There are great locations in the island that are convenient and accessible.

Another thing to consider is the accommodations. Will the resort be able to have enough rooms for your guests? Remember, they travelled far, so they should have a nice place to stay too so they can relax a bit before and after the wedding.

What would be the wedding theme?

If it would be a wedding by the beach, as most Koh Samui weddings are, the Koh Samui wedding venues you should focus on are the island resorts. You have a good list of options in Samui. For a more convenient choice, it is highly recommended that you stick to wedding resorts. While most resorts in the island also conduct weddings and receptions, wedding resorts are specifically designed for marital celebrations. Most of them were made with photo worthiness, enough accommodations, great views, and romantic honeymoon suites in mind.

Think of wedding resorts as a one stop shop—from the flowers to the honeymoon nest to the décor—they have it all. If you don’t have the time and the energy to plan everything separately, a wedding resort can save you from several months of worry and headache.

Will the place look good in photos?

Koh Samui Wedding Packages
Koh Samui Wedding Packages

Among the most critical considerations in selecting Koh Samui wedding venues is the beauty of the place when it comes to photos. When the celebration is over, aside from your wedding rings, a proof that you are married and will remind you of the good times, are the wedding pictures. Look for a place that is beautiful on and off the camera. This is very important. If you love great pictures to show to your grand kids someday, keep this in mind.

The food

An integral part of the wedding celebration is the food during the reception. Like what they often say—guests may not remember every detail of the wedding ceremony, but they sure will remember the food, so make it good. This may be a minor detail for some people, but if you want to make the guests happy and as a show of your gratitude for them taking part in your biggest day, serve good food.

The wedding packages

Another factor to help you decide on the best venue for your wedding is the wedding packages offered by the place. Are they good? Do they appeal to you? Do the packages sound like your dream wedding? If you say yes to all the questions then you found a good place. Wedding packages vary from resort to resort, so choose the one that is most suited for you. Wedding packages are a great way to save on wedding expenses as they usually include everything from the venue to the food to the taking care of marital documents. You can save plenty of time too, which is great if your schedule is tight.

Planning a wedding takes time and patience. The key is to choose the right location since this will be the focal point of all the other considerations. Choose among the many stunning Koh Samui wedding venues for your big day. May you enjoy getting married in the island of Samui.